Our Beer

Our approach to beer mirrors the place we call home, the Peters Cartridge Factory. Our beers are crafted with an appreciation for where we’ve been, but also where we’re about to go – with an eye toward the future. We honor the past with a lineup that includes classic German lagers and American pilsners, but with a modern twist. 

We’re all about balance – bold flavor that’s still easy-drinking. For us, the beer should always be inviting. And that includes our distinctive specialty beers (stouts, pale ales, fruited sours, coffee beers and more) as well as styles that are aggressively dry-hopped or barrel-aged.

Our Eats

Simple food, done right. Our focus in the Cartridge kitchen is to approach ingredients the same way we do our beer – take simple, uncomplicated ingredients, and infuse them with a distinctive twist or two along the way. We pay homage to the techniques of pit-masters from generations past while elevating standard pub fare into something both modern and familiar. Each of our dishes is created with a beer pairing in mind, allowing for an experience where the food and drink complement and build on one another over the course of every meal.

Our History

On the banks of the Little Miami River lies the historic Peters Cartridge Factory, a local landmark that was once a community hub and the heart of Kings Mills. The space is now getting a new lease on life and is home to Cartridge Brewing. In breathing life back into this local landmark, our goal is to capture the history of the space and honor its unique past – brewing its future while restoring it to its place as a vibrant, vital part of our community.